Every Body Matters

So, it’s almost mid-January, and EVERYONE is thinking about how 2018 will be different. Maybe you’re someone who makes resolutions, maybe not, but there’s something in human nature that craves a new beginning, a fresh slate, a chance to make a positive change.

The reality is, change is hard. It takes courage to change, and sometimes positive change happens at a painfully slow pace. Most of us have set goals before, whether they are personal or professional, health related or financial. We’ve all been discouraged at our failures, and we’ve all thrown in the towel at times.

This blog is reiteration of the Ministry in Motion walking group that began around 2009. At that time, 20 or so Messiah members and friends met each week to walk in Winton Woods park or in Cincinnati Mills mall. We read devotions, prayed together, and gradually increased the length of our walks until we participated in a 5k. We continued for about 2 seasons.

With this blog we hope to expand that idea. It’s been almost a decade, and much has changed.

{pause as you think about the changes at Messiah since 2009}

What hasn’t changed is that we are still members of the larger body of Christ, and we still need encouragement to maintain spiritual and physical health.

We at Messiah Lutheran Church strive to live out our mission statement,

We are a 21st century mission church

living Jesus and sharing Jesus

in our community and our world.

Some in our Messiah family have run marathons, and others are recovering from surgery.  Some are bicyclists, and some are focusing on increasing their steps by using fitness trackers. There are even some who need to do regular exercises to gain the strength to complete daily tasks. All of us have a body, and every body matters in the Body of Christ.

Here you will find words of encouragement, announcements, and reflections on what it means to live Jesus and share Jesus within our physical bodies. You may have already made health and fitness goals, if so, feel free to share!

If you have a WordPress account (it’s easy and free to get one), share your goals in the comments below.  You can also join the conversation on our Facebook page (click the cute little f icon on the left) or in person!


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The faith and fitness blog of Messiah Lutheran Church.

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